About Us

Cornerstone Medical Practice is a family medical practice providing General Medical services to all our patients.

Dr. Richard Gavin, a married father of three is an experienced General Practitioner. The practice serves a wide ranging local population and provides a comprehensive range of services to all age groups.

The Practice was established in 2005 by Dr Richard Gavin who had been working in Drogheda for a number of years beforehand. He became a Christian after a period of illness. Dr Richard came to understand the healing power of God in his own life and the practice was established with a desire to share his faith with others who need healing of every kind. He recognises Jesus as the one true Physician and healer of our lives and believes that ultimately all health and healing is a blessing from God.

God has upheld and blessed the practice and we continue to honour Him in our professional lives by our commitment, care and concern for the physical, mental and spiritual well being of all of our staff and patients.

Dr Liana originally from Latvia joined the practice in 2017.

The practice employs both Christians and non Christians alike and treats all patients with respect and dignity, precious in the sight of our loving God.

We have been involved in various undergraduate and post graduate medical training programmes over the years and engage in various professional educational activities on a regular basis.