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Doctors looking to pursue a career in General Practice must complete an approved training scheme. Entry to a General Practice Training Scheme is based on competitive interview. Most are of 4 years duration. Generally the first 2 years are spent rotating through relevant specialties (medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics & gynaecology, psychiatry, accident & emergency, ENT etc.). Two years are then spent as a GP registrar in one or two designated Training Practices. After successfully completing the MICGP exams, the new general practitioner is free to practice.

Typically Irish GPs work exclusively with private (i.e. fee-for-service paying) patients or have a mix of public and private. GPs deal with the entire spectrum of medical ailments. They are well placed to implement preventative measures and to manage chronic illness. They also act as “gate-keepers” for the tertiary care system, providing referrals to specialist services when appropriate. Some GPs are employed by private agencies.

General practice in Ireland is a desirable career for many and competition for places on training schemes is intense. At Cornerstone Medical, we welcome new students into our training scheme. We have trained a number of young medical students who have now moved on to become GP’s.

Finally, we want to thank all the students who have been with us in the past for the privilege and pleasure it has been working with you all. Some have cooked exotic meals, some have engaged in challenging philosophical debates, some like to listen quietly or do it all if possible. All of you have shown care and interest in what we do for our patients and whether you’re going to be an Immunologist, Neurosurgeon or become a family doctor, we wish you the very best and God’s blessing for the future.


Practice Profile

The practice is a mixed GMS / Private practice with about 6000 registered patients. There are 2000 GMS patients. We have a young patient profile so we get many patients coming for antenatal care, childhood vaccinations, social problems, addiction and sexually transmitted diseases.

Practice Expectations of Student

The practice expects you to be punctual, enthusiastic, motivated to ask questions and to get involved in whatever is going on around you. Most of all, we want you to have an enjoyable and interesting experience.

This should be one of the most rewarding attachments of your undergraduate career if you are (madly) intent on becoming an Immunologist or Nuerosurgeon!

This attachment is about meeting, working with and enjoying people who come as patients to the practice. We try to involve the students as much as possible in the practice activities.


Opportunity Experiences for Students in Practice

•  History Taking
•  Examinations
•  Video Consulations
•  Nurse Attachments
•  Pharmacy Attachments
•  Practical Procedures
•  House Calls