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 Acid Reflux and Oesophagitis  Download 
 Acne  Download
 Alcohol Liver Disease  Download
 Allergic Rhinitis  Download
 Alopecia or Baldness  Download
 Anogenital Warts  Download
 Anxiety  Download
 Asthma  Download
 Atopic Eczema  Download
 Atrial fibrillation  Download
 Bacterial Vaginosis  Download
 Bad Breath  Download
 Bartholin’s Cyst  Download
 Basal Cell Carcinoma  Download
 Bedwetting  Download
 Bell’s palsy  Download
 Blepharitis  Download
 Bronchiolitis  Download
 Bulimia nervosa  Download
 BV or Bacterial vaginosis  Download
 Cancer of the Cervix  Download
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Download
 Cellulitis or Skin infection  Download
 Champix  Download
 Chilblains  Download
 Chlamydia  Download
 Cholesterol  Download
 Cirrhosis  Download
 Colic  Download
 Constipation in children  Download
 Constipation  Download
 Contact Dermatitis  Download
 Coughs and colds  Download
 Crohn’s disease  Download
 Cystitis  Download
 Depo Contraceptive  Download
 Depression  Download
 Diabetes Type 2  Download
 Diet Sheet  Download
 Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis  Download
 Dizziness  Download
 Duodenal Ulcer  Download
 Epidymo orchitis  Download
 Erectile dysfunction  Download
 Fibroids are benign  Download
 Gallbladder disease  Download
 Gastroenteritis  Download
 Generalised anxiety disorder  Download
 Genital Herpes  Download
 Glue ear  Download
 Gout  Download
 H Pylorii  Download
 Haemachromatosis  Download
 Haemorrhoids  Download
 Hepatitis A  Download
 Hepatitis B  Download
 Hepatitis C  Download
 Hypertension  Download
 Hyperthyroidism  Download
 Hypothyroidism  Download
 Impetigo  Download
 Infectious Mononucleosis  Download
 Irritable Bowel Syndrome  Download
 Migraine  Download
 Miscarriage  Download
 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  Download
 Outer ear infection  Download
 Ovarian Cyst  Download
 Panic attack  Download
 Pap smear  Download
 Pelvic Inflammatory Disease  Download
 Peripheral Neuropathy  Download
 Premenstrual syndrome  Download
 Prostate Cancer  Download
 PTSD  Download
 Restless Legs Syndrome  Download
 Scarlet Fever  Download
 Sebaceous cysts  Download
 Sexually Transmitted diseases  Download
 Shingles  Download
 Slapped Cheek syndrome  Download
 Sleep problems  Download
 Sleep Hygiene  Download
 Sore throat  Download
 STIs  Download
 Stye  Download
 Tension headache  Download
 Thrush  Download
 Toddler’s diarrhoea  Download
 Travellers diarrhoea  Download
 Trigeminal Neuralgia  Download
 Urticaria  Download
 Vaginal Thrush  Download
 Vitamin B12  Download
 Warts  Download